In 2018, several doulas and midwives of color - many of us femme or non gender binary, Black and Indigenous - were invited out for a retreat weekend at the former guest residence of Ancestor Horst Rechelbacher (Founder of the Aveda Corporation). Barely knowing one another at first, after a weekend of surprises and unexpected connection, we had bonded as a community of healers and friends, 


teaching and holding space for one another - to sleep in, to not follow an agenda, to wander, to grieve and wail, to be held.


Many of us were touched by the gift of being able to receive the work we so often give to others, and the immense collective wisdom we brought into a single circle.

Since then, we have self-organized several other large weekend retreats, including trips to apple orchards, local beaches and environmental justice camps, and held dozens of potlucks and meetings. We've participated in events with world renowned midwife Jennie Joseph, U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar,  St. Kate's School of Nursing, and collaborated with Take Action Minnesota in political strategy planning. With the support of beloved allies and collaborators, we raised $1500 in a week to support 10 of us at the SisterSong national conference on reproductive justice. 

We have grown to nearly 100 people on our general email list, and many of us have shared our skills in traditional and indigenous practices, food and plant medicine, birth support techniques, loving accountability, and global solidarity across Black and Brown Diasporas. Many of us attend each others' events, trade services, mentor and learn with one another, know each other's families and kids, and look out for one another.


As healers, and as humans in an increasingly isolated and individualized world - we are stronger together -


and we model community care and mutual aid as necessary for ourselves, our patients and students, our global public health. We are not perfect, but we do our best to be a professional network that feels more like family.