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The Minnesota Healing Justice Network (MNHJN) is a collaboration of intergenerational community healers and practitioners centering the wellness of Historical Black and Brown families, focusing on mutual aid, health equity, solidarity, justice and rest for the community healer. We have a range of healers across the Twin Cities. As a mutual aid community, we are a unique model for the future of public health. We are experienced healers, caregivers, birth workers, visual artists, mediators, as well as everyday people, parents, and young adults who are tomorrow's emerging healers and educators. By supporting and uplifting community healers, the MNHJN is helping healers provide life-changing services to the community. The MNHJN Motto is: Healers Healing Healers.

We are advocates for alternative health care that is somatic, holistic, accessible, BIPOC-led, and integrates historical Black, Eastern and Indigenous diets/medicines. We are building networks of trauma healing homes, wellness spaces, rest and retreat centers that sustainably employ healers of color and host interracial solidarity. We are the next generation of healthcare providers, innovative medicine practitioners, doctors and therapists with incredible resiliency that has been solidified through times of crisis. 


In 2018, several doulas and midwives of color - many of us femme or non gender binary, Black and Indigenous - were invited out for a retreat weekend at the former guest residence of Ancestor Horst Rechelbacher (Founder of the Aveda Corporation). Barely knowing one another at first, after a weekend of surprises and unexpected connection, we had bonded as a community of healers and friends, teaching and holding space for one another - to sleep in, to not follow an agenda, to wander, to grieve and wail, to be held.



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