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Thank you for your patience as we continue compiling and formatting this list for easy reference.

Please email to update or add additional providers near you.

Childcare Collectives


  • Clara Sharp is the owner of Ahavah Birth Works  which provides culturally congruent doula support(birth/postpartum), mental health support(ARMHS), policy/ advocacy, home visits.

  • Daniela Montoya-Barthelemy, MPH is the owner of Mama Sin Vergüenza, which provides full spectrum doula care as well as sexual and reproductive holistic health coaching and education rooted in social justice, aimed at decolonization. Practices Traditional  Mexican Medicine and Somatic Experiencing. ​​


  • Ihotu Ali, MPH, LMT, CLC is the owner of Ihotu Ali, LLC. She she integrates western medicine and public health policy with Ayurveda, African and North American indigenous healing practices around family and food, and maternal, newborn, and womb health. She provides consulting, postpartum and lactation support, CLC, bodywork, wrapping, broths and baths.

  • Kaytee Crawford is a birth and postpartum doula. My personal birth experiences, as well as the reality of health disparities and maternal health outcomes for black mothers, drives my passion for birth work. She is also an artist, a baby wearing educator, and she is pursuing additional education as a lactation educator.  

  • Leigah Locke: Doula 

  • Relonda Love


  • Rowan Emmanuel (Full spectrum)

  • Shekina Washington

Midwives & Obstetricians

  • Dominique Jones

  • Rebecca Polston

  • Britt Jackson

  • Jen Almaza

  • Diane Banigo

  • LaVonne Moore

  • Antionette (Toni) Estis

  • Faisa Abdi-Omar


Yoga & Meditation or Dance 

  • Lakesha Gordon, Yoga

  • Christie Owens, Yoga

  • POC Meditations @ Common Ground

  • POC Events @ Clouds in Zen, Meditation

  • Femi Akkinagbe, Meditation, bodywork

  • Marcus Young, Don't You Feel It Too - Healing dance

  • Ananya Chatterjea, Ananya Dance Theatre - Healing dance and performance

  • Kealoha Ferrreira, Ananya Dance Theatre - Healing dance and performance

  • Lizzette Chapa, Pilates, Ananya Dance Theatre - Healing dance and performance

  • Julia Gay, Ananya Dance Theatre - Healing dance and performance

  • Melissa Gutierrez Nelson - Yoga and Mindfulness

Herbs, Nutrition & Supplements

  • Britt Jackson, Placenta Encapsulation

  • Jasmine Boudah, Vaginal Steam Kits

  • Rowan Emmanuel, Herbalist

  • Katie-Rose, Herbalism, food justice / nature education, animal readings 


Mental Health & Coaching


Physical Therapists

  • Tiana Werber was inspired to become a physical therapist while working after college at the Pediatric Pain Rehab Center in her native state of Massachusetts. She graduated from Harvard in 2009, focusing on evolutionary biology and photography, and received her physical therapy doctorate from UCSF in 2014. Certified in functional manual therapy through the Institute of Physical Art, she has branched out to include pelvic floor and visceral manipulation techniques in her whole-body approach. Her passion for pelvic health arose in her journey to motherhood. She has developed perinatal workshops, constantly modifying content as this amazing field continues to evolve. Tiana believes a PT’s role is not to mold patients into healing, but to be receptive to their body’s stories and facilitate their connection with their own physical being. In doing so, she strives to paint a picture of optimal health and physical function that is unique to each person.

Healing Justice Nonprofits

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